Questions & Answers

Children usually receive a minimum of 12 sessions of individual play therapy lasting 45 minutes each time.The sessions take place at the same time, in the same place each week. Consistency is a vital part of the play therapy process hence it’s important to think carefully about when sessions will take place to ensure that the schedule can be maintained throughout.
Play therapy is non-directive, which means children can choose what and how to play in the room, Boundaries are clearly set so children understand they must keep themselves, myself and all the things in the room safe. Children can then choose to play as they wish in an unrestricted way.

The play therapy toolkit includes art, clay, music, sandtray, movement, role-play, therapeutic storytelling, puppets and masks.

My role in the room is to interact with children in a consistently warm, accepting and respectful manner, allowing us to build a trusting relationship. I follow their lead and participate in their play when invited, as well as providing observations and reflections that will help them to learn more about themselves and their world.

No. Individual play therapy sessions are confidential and include only the child and the therapist. While the child is having the play therapy sessions the parents/cares are waiting outside the play room.

Children are free to share information about their sessions with whomever they like, if they choose to. When they attend their first session I tell them that I will not discuss with others what they say or do during their sessions.

However, if the child speaks of anything that suggests that he/she or someone else is in danger, then confidentiality will be lifted and if necessary appropriate authorities will be contacted. In such circumstances the child will be informed that this will happen and where possible I will discuss concerns with parents first.

Even though, I am not able to share details of the child’s sessions, I am happy to share progress. I offer a minimum of 3 parent meetings over the course of a play therapy intervention (one at the beginning, middle and end). Parents can feel free to contact me in between sessions if they have any questions or concerns.

I am also offering an End of Play Therapy Report upon request, for an additional fee.

Regarding play therapy, referrals are accepted from parents/legal guardians, school, GP, social workers, clinical or educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and other agencies.

Regarding the services for parents, (parenting support, baby bonding programme and nurturing programme) parents themselves can contact me directly and the same applies for schools/organizations interested in having one of my services.

If you believe your child, you or your organization could benefit from play therapy or from any other services that I offer, please contact me via email or phone for further details.

I am happy to offer a 30min consultation free of charge.

All services are offered in either Greek or English.

During our first appointment you will be informed regarding the cancellation and late payment policy.

My fees are based on the type and the length of support you require.

Please contact me so I can give you an accurate quote, based on the needs of your family. I am happy to offer a 30min consultation free of charge.